Shree Kurup, M.D., to Receive ABO Quality Improvement Award


October 6, 2017 The American Board of Ophthalmology will award its first-ever John G. Clarkson, M.D. Quality Improvement Award to diplomate Shree Kurup, M.D., this fall for his efforts in creating a project to improve patient compliance with follow-up dosages of immunosuppression medications. The Clarkson Quality Improvement Award celebrates the passion, pride, and professionalism exemplified by American Board […]

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Helpful Tips for Eyes When Using Makeup

Make Up, Oculoplastic, Refrative

Check out these helpful tips to keep eyes safe when applying makeup! Don’t poke your eye out! – While it’s common sense when using something so close to your eye, one of the most severe problems that can arise when applying makeup is a corneal abrasion, or scratch. Often, a person applying makeup might accidentally […]

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Woman laying down for cataract surgery

Recently, Dr. Gollamudi was featured in Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today, about his thoughts and experiences with laser cataract surgery. Take a look at his article below! Capitalizing on technology allows doctors to take our oath to “do no harm” to a higher level. One good technology plus another good technology creates a synergy that […]

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