You’re Too Young For Reading Glasses

5 Ways Reading Glasses Can Make Dating in Your 40s Less Attractive

They say 40 is the new 20. But for the growing number of over-40s returning to the dating scene, sometimes 40 is, well, still 40. Especially when the reading glasses come out. The loss of near vision, while perfectly natural, is a frustrating and constant reminder that we are, in fact, not in our 20s, or even our 30s anymore. And it’s an especially unwelcome reminder when you’re on a date. There are many reasons why reading glasses make dating in your 40s less attractive. Here are five:


1. A menu is a chance to show your good taste, not your vision struggles


Dimly lit restaurants are particularly difficult for the reading glass-wearers among us. And there is nothing romantic about digging for a pair of readers in order to see the menu. It’s hard to feel suave making a wine recommendation while you’re looking down your nose through a pair of “granny glasses.” Of course, you could skip the readers altogether – if you want to ask your date to read you the menu.


2. They’re called “granny glasses” for a reason


Speaking of “granny glasses” ….   There is a reason we call them that. It’s about how they make us feel. Our parents wear reading glasses. Our grandparents wear reading glasses. So what does that mean when we have to start wearing reading glasses? One thing’s for sure – it’s not the way we want to feel on a first date!


3. Forget your reading glasses and your date will wonder what else you’ll forget


The thing about reading glasses is that you only need them for reading. So, they’re not on your face all the time. You’re constantly putting them on, then taking them off, offering way too many opportunities to lose or forget them. If you forget them at the grocery store, you can make do without reading labels, but what if you forget them on a first date? It’s hard to make do without reading the menu.


4. None of your online photos show you wearing glasses. Your date will wonder what else you’ve left out.


A growing number of over 40s are searching for kindred spirits in the virtual online world of fellow singles. Online dating presents a challenge for those who need reading glasses. Who wears reading glasses in a profile picture? But the inevitable moment comes when you put them on and glance over the rim at your date across the table. You might leave him/her wondering what other details you’ve left out.


5. If you keep your reading glasses in your glove compartment and you reach over to get them, your date may think you’re making unwarranted advances


Unless you wear them on a chain around your neck, reading glasses have to be carried somewhere. Maybe in a pocket, maybe in a bag, or maybe in a glove box. Like in the old movies where the gentleman does a stretch just before putting his arm around the girl, your date could get startled when you reach across the seat to retrieve your glasses from the glove compartment.


Look, at some point, nearly everyone will need reading glasses to see up close, even if vision correction was never needed before. It’s perfectly natural, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. Not only is it annoying to remember reading glasses and to constantly take them on and off, there’s a feeling associated with them that serves up a constant reminder that 40 isn’t always the new 20.


But there is an innovative solution to the reading glasses dilemma. It’s called the KAMRA® inlay. The inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, the KAMRA inlay is a mini-ring with an opening – or pinhole – in the center. The inlay uses this pinhole to focus light coming into the eye. This restores near vision while maintaining distance vision. For people who want to reduce the constant frustrations of reading glasses, the KAMRA inlay could be the perfect solution.


Don’t let your reading glasses give away your age. You feel young inside. Why not …..


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Check your suitability and talk with your doctor to see if the KAMRA inlay may be right for you.