LASIK Technology

The Eye Specialty Group Difference

Since laser vision correction was introduced more than a decade ago, there have been steady advancements in the safety and precision of LASIK. The most ground breaking of these advancements is Blade-Free iLASIK – it is 100% blade-free, 100% all-laser, and 100% customized, providing patients with the safest and most personalized approach to vision correction.

Many people don’t realize that not all LASIK is performed the same way and they’re surprised to learn that many surgeons still perform “traditional LASIK”. In traditional LASIK, the first step of the LASIK procedure is performed with a mechanical metal blade, or microkeratome. With Blade-Free iLASIK at The Eye Specialty Group the metal blade has been eliminated, and the flap is created using a computer-guided cool beam laser – giving you an unprecedented level of safety, superior outcomes, and a sense of assurance and peace of mind. Thanks to this increased level of precision, patients who have been turned down in the past for LASIK may now be candidates!

Your First Step towards LASIK

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